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Protecting your home isn't as hard as you think, but choosing a security system you like out of the dozens of companies that offer it can be. We've ran them through some tough tests to figure out which ones are worthy of keeping your family safe. Our favorite is FrontPoint. They've got options, quality monitoring, and decent pricing.



  1. Frontpoint

    Tech-savvy provider allows full-flexibility in securing your home

  2. Link Interactive

    Excellent monitoring with a slightly lower price tag

  3. SimpliSafe

    Fastest growing budget home security system

  4. Protect America

    Budget service that is delightfully straight-forward

  5. Livewatch

    Better customer service and no cancellation fees

  6. Vivint

    Rolls-Royce of home security

  7. Alarm Grid

    Cheapest option that is almost completely DIY

  8. Monitronics

    Average plans and equipment for a premium price tag

  9. Protection 1

    Older slightly-outdated company that has good service

  10. ADT

    Oldest name in the game, but better services exist

Best Overall: Frontpoint

The good: The flexibility in choosing the equipment and coverage to care for your home's specific needs is really unmatched by others in the industry. Customer service is the best in the business. Reps are knowledgeable and very helpful. Current customers seem extremely satisfied. All plans are wireless or cellular which is a bonus for those no longer using a landline to communicate with the outside world. There are two options for control panels. One touch screen and one touch pad to help you decide how high-end you want your controller. Good stuff.

The bad: Installation is strictly DIY. It's not difficult, but having a certified installer would help put your mind that much more at ease. Most providers do have contracts, but FrontPoint is on the longer end of things. Service isn't available everywhere. You'll have to check to see if your home is located within their areas of operation (it probably is, though).

Best Budget: Protect America

The good: Protect America has to be the most transparent company in the home security industry. Everything is laid out clearly on their website (surprisingly rare). The cheapest monthly price for basic home intrusion monitoring available. Equipment and installation have no fees unless you want additional or better gear than what is offered with the plan you choose.

The bad: Monitoring is handled by a third party company. Better gear is an additional price.

How we selected the best home security system company

There are just shy of 5,000 break-ins every day in the United States, or nearly 2 million a year.

You may think that some areas are more prone to burglaries than others, and you'd be right. But do you really want to leave your family and home unsecured?

The facts say that having a security system can detour would be intruders by up to 60%. Cutting the likelihood of a break in by more than half means that these systems are worth a look. If just having some measure of protection helps then having a good one must be that much better.

But how do you choose a good one?

First, you have to figure out what kind of protection you want. Be sure to think about things like:

1) Size of your home. How many windows or entrances need to be secured?

2) Equipment. Get the best out there (Frontpoint) or get the best simple option (SimpliSafe)?

3) Do you want just security features or security features and home automation?

To find the best home security systems we looked at their features, support, and monitoring capabilities:


Home security systems are all about those features.

If you only want basic home intrusion monitoring, they all have that and it's pretty much the same coverage. Going strictly on price wouldn't be a bad idea for your wallet.

It's when you want extras that you really want to look at the details. Video, wireless connections, home automation capabilities are all things that most (not all) home security companies do provide within some of their plans. 

Equipment also falls into the feature section and it sets companies apart in a major way. If you want high-tech gadgets making your house feel like Tony Stark's mansion, there are providers made for you. 

Things like doorbells with cameras that allow you see who's creeping up to your door in the morning while you're at work.

Environmental monitoring is also a feature included with many plans. Fire, carbon monoxide and water detection devices and service is available with most companies.


Getting in touch with the company when you have issues with your equipment or service is important.

You don't want the only time you can talk with your security system provider to be when you have a break in.

Sadly, some companies don't have a dedicated way for customers to reach out with problems. We took this category very seriously to help you find a trustworthy place to secure your homestead.


The reason you want a security system is the monitoring (in most cases). 

24/7/365 protection. In the event that an alarm is triggered, the agents contact the appropriate authorities for you. If a motion detector is triggered when no one is home, the police are called. If a smoke alarm goes off, they'll call the fire department.

Some provide "in house" monitoring while others outsource it to third parties. That may sound bad, but almost all partner with U.S. based accredited monitoring companies that specialize in the work.

If you just scrolled to the bottom, the best home security system is Frontpoint. They have the best security system for the price, and their support is unbeatable.