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Everything is customizable and flexible


Additional services are sold for a separate monthly fee


Relaxed and flexible. Two words that describe the services, plans, and features of Alarm Grid.


There aren’t many other companies that offer the level of customization and plan options that can be found here. 


You want to self-monitor? You can and it’s really cheap.


You want decked-out service with home automation and even news alerts? You can have it all, and for a good price.


All extra options are pick and choose. If you want home automation but don’t need cellular monitoring; you don’t have to pay for it. Equipment packages are in line with most other providers, but you’d struggle to find the flexibility offered by Alarm Grid.


The monitoring is good and the customization makes it worth a serious look.


For a lower cost option, Alarm Grid didn’t skimp on the number of plans and equipment packages. It could take someone days of research just to choose the set up they want to protect their home. 


Not necessarily a bad thing. 


There are three plans to choose from:



All monitored plans (not the one you do yourself) come with a discount on home insurance. The price on these plans are low. 


In fact, the most expensive option is actually less than the basic option of many security monitoring companies.


The reason for the low-cost? Customization.


There are a bunch of ala carte features that you can get. The catch is that they are all $10/mo added to whatever plan you have. It’s not a bad deal if you want a certain feature, but not others.


The three “add-ons” are home automation (with Z-Wave products integration), cellular communication monitoring, and video surveillance. 


If your WiFi is crap and you need cellular but don’t care about video or home automation, it’s only $10/mo extra instead of a higher cost plan with stuff you could care less about. 


If you want home automation but don’t want to spend money on video cameras, just say so. It’s really easy to get what you want. Even if you wanted it all, the plan cost is still lower than most providers for the same features.


Alarm Grid works with HoneyWell security and home products and there are half a dozen package options to help you get an idea about equipment. They are competitively priced and the equipment can be individually purchased as well.


Professional installation isn’t available (shouldn’t shock you). It’s a highly-customizable system and monitoring service so a little DIY install isn’t unexpected.


As far as returns go, there is a rigid policy. There isn’t a contract with Alarm Grid, which is nice. 


However, there doesn’t seem to be a “money-back” guarantee on service or products. 


They do take returns on equipment, but it’s within 30 days of the ship date and has strict limits on how to ship the items back. 


Alarm Grid doesn’t have a dedicated support page on its website. 


There is a prominently displayed toll free number, but it’s not dedicated for support. The site claims that their specialists will walk you through any questions you have during setup so you can get started. 


Chat is also available, but it all seems sales related and not customer friendly.


They do have a rather large FAQ section. You can click on the category your question should fall into, but then you have to sort through several pages manually. 


The FAQ section appears to be updated every few days with new questions from customers that are answered at a decent pace.


Alarm Grid, in partnership with Criticom Monitoring Services, has three different monitoring station located across the country (NJ, FL and CA). 


These stations are redundant, networked and load balanced providing customers with peace of mind in case of catastrophic failure of one facility or natural disaster. 


Alarm Grid uses phone, internet, and cellular monitoring. Unfortunately, you don’t choose which one. 


It all depends on which plan you purchase. All plans, however; do connect your system to a live operator 24/7 who can call the proper authorities in case of a confirmed break-in, fire, or any other type of emergency.