Frontpoint 2017 review

Tech-savvy provider allows full-flexibility in securing your home

30-Second Review


Value Ranking
(#4 OUT OF 10)


Quality Ranking
(#1 OUT OF 10)


Overall Score


Amazing customer support and loads of equipment options


Lengthy contract and service isn't available everywhere


FrontPoint has made a name for themselves by providing excellent customer service and ridiculously flexible home security equipment options.


Their customers love them and it’s one of our favorite providers.


The features add to the overall customer-friendly vibe with things like guarantees on service and a noticeable lack of hard-lined terms and conditions.


It’s also the best option for anyone who wants to create a system that is tailored for your needs. FrontPoint lets customers choose the sensors, equipment, monitoring and even the contract. 


This is the best option to design the security system that will protect your home.


All the features available with FrontPoint are centered around the home owners. The sign-up process, choosing your equipment, and continuing your service are all simple and transparent.


Getting started is easier and gives you more options than any other security provider.  One of the easiest to navigate websites. It’s all on there and you can see it before you buy to get a real feel for what you may want. 


As far as plans, they run slightly higher than many other providers. Pricing is one of the very few downsides of FrontPoint.


Three plans are available. 



As far as equipment, even the page on the site feels high-end. Everything is laid out well and the information is detailed to help you choose what you need.


Essentially, you have two choices in control panels. The super-modern touch screen (basically a remote for your house) or the typical touch pad wall-mounted control panel. 


All equipment is GE which is pretty standard, but well-made.


A mobile app that works well as a portable control station is available on all the popular app markets. Keychains with limited control options are also available, but don't come standard. 


You could just throw the app on your iPad and use it like the touch screen controller. 


This many devices for control isn’t common which is nice, but it could also mean that you lose them more often; making your home less secure.


Sensors are pretty similar to all the other home security providers. Doors, windows and environmental (fire, carbon monoxide). They’re all there and work the same.


FrontPoint’s home automation equipment really begins to help them stand out. Many home security providers still don’t offer much in this category, but here you can find anything you’d like.


Three different types of cameras (wireless indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras), light controls, thermostat, and door locks with keypad entry. 


All controlled by the touch screen panel or app.


One of the biggest downsides (only for some) is the installation. There is no professional help provided by FrontPoint available. It’s strictly a DIY install. 


Not great for the elderly, disabled, or those who just aren’t handy.


The contract terms aren’t as flexible as a couple of other home security companies, but way better than most. You choose between either a one or three year contract. 


There doesn’t seem to be any price break for getting the longer term so it doesn’t make much sense.


A 30-Day Risk-Free Trial is provided. 


Keep in mind that it’s a lot of work to install your system just to pack it up and ship it back. That said, the fact that there is a return policy may set your mind as ease a bit. 


The support here is probably the best in the industry. According to a recent self-done study, 96% of FrontPoint customers would recommend the service to others. Those results are backed up with overwhelmingly positive reviews on sites like the BBB.


Many home security companies aren’t big on support outside of monitoring, but you can call FrontPoint on a separate customer service line during specified hours. If you don’t want to get put on hold, you can send them a message and they’ll call you.


If you don’t want to call, there is an extensive FAQ and knowledge center with just about everything you’d want to know. 


It’s really well laid out and useful, but it doesn’t have a search function—Just shy of perfection. 


The monitoring available is comprehensive. 


First, the cellular signal is dedicated to the security system. This means that if your system is triggered, someone on their cell phone can’t interrupt the signal that goes to the monitoring station.


FrontPoint contracts out their monitoring to a company called Rapid Response. Before you get upset about this, it’s one of the most legit companies that solely offers monitoring services. 


They are fully accredited and one of the most trustworthy names in the game.


You are also a monitor. The interactive and live video feeds available with the higher-end plans mean that you can monitor your own home in the event of a disturbance.


This feature isn’t as common as you’d think.