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Tons of features and equipment with excellent service


Short equipment warranty with no professional installation option


A lower-cost, but customizable way to automate your domain.


Link Interactive is one of the best choices for budget home automation. 


Making your home controllable through an app or digital control panel is really hot right now. Being able to change your thermostat, turn off/on lights, and lock your doors from across the world is handy.


The problem is that most security companies charge a premium for the equipment and their highest monthly fee to get access to these popular automations.


This provider’s highest priced plan includes all of the home automation that other services provide, but at a considerably lower monthly cost.


You will have to install yourself and equipment is sold ala carte style, but it’s still a decent value. 


One of the things Link Interactive is known for are high-value plans and industry leading equipment. 


There are three plans to choose from: 



The equipment is great, but Link Interactive doesn’t offer preset packages.


You’ll have to buy each piece separately and construct your own system from scratch. Some will love this setup and others won’t. There are plenty of providers that do have gear put together in packages if it doesn’t suit you.


The gear list is vast and has more sensors that even some of the biggest names in the industry. 


Glass break monitors, panic buttons, and disaster sensors are a few things we haven’t seen listed on too many other providers’ sites.


If you don’t like something you bought (or don’t need it), everything has a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Everything you buy from Link is also covered under a two-year warranty.


Another option is to get equipment from elsewhere for your home automation. All Z-Wave enabled tech will work with your Gold and Platinum plans. Things like:



As long as it’s using Z-Wave tech, it will work with your Gold plan or higher.


It’s real easy to get confused when looking at page after page of equipment and monitoring companies aren’t known for offering a lot of upfront intel—Link is different in this area.


The website has all the equipment in a well-laid out and comprehensive format. Everything in the “Learn” tab is dynamite and can help you choose the right tech to keep your home as safe as you want it. 


Link Interactive has an active and productive partnership with Alarm.com. Their users get the benefits from both. A relaxed small company vibe on one hand and cool extra features on the other.


One of the features from Alarm.com is the “Crash and Smash” protection. Pretty common amongst security companies, but Link gives it to all monthly customers regardless of the plan you have—That’s not common.


Another Alarm.com benefit is the interactive services of your plan. The app and notifications wouldn’t be possible without the partnership. It’s a good deal for all parties involved, especially the users.


Active pinging is something that Link Interactive does to continually test that your system is working as it should. If a “ping” comes back that your system is down, you are notified.


Installation is a DIY job. There is no professional service or company contracted to help. You would be on your own.


Unfortunately, there is a three-year contract. It’s very common to have a 36 month contract, but there are other services that are less of a commitment. 


Link Interactive has a dedicated support page on their website. They have all the information there in one easy to use place.


Clearly state their office hours right online (which are longer than other providers). They also offer an after hours number as well as email support. 


There is a decent FAQ section with several walk through installation guides available. The guides are easy to read and illustrated with step by step instructions.


Link Interactive offers 24/7 professional monitoring. They run a completely cellular based system. 


Their central station is UL listed and offers redundant service so you can be sure to get help in case of an emergency. 


All of Link Interactive’s plans cover the full spectrum of services. All plans cover intrusion, fire, and crash and smash alarms.


They also come with carbon monoxide, smoke, fire, and extreme temperature detection. 


You will have to spring for the more expensive plan to receive video monitoring or live streaming capabilities.