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(#5 OUT OF 10)


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(#6 OUT OF 10)


Overall Score


Budget home automation plans with lots of tech


Short warranty on equipment 


LiveWatch isn’t bad at all. Flexible terms and decent support.


Depending on what you’re looking for, there is some great value. There are some really unique features that help them stand out in a crowd of security monitoring companies.


Anyone looking for basic coverage may want to pass. The price for the starter level is higher than competitors with a similar feature set. 


Once you get into the middle of the road and high-end plans, it’s a different story.


Home automation is actually cheaper here than most other providers we’ve found. Those looking to bring their house online while remaining budget conscious will enjoy the price. 


Look at the features of the plans offering automation because they do differ quite a bit. The monitoring and overall company are well-liked by users and the home automation is a great value. 


The unique characteristics start with their notification system called “ASAPer”. Within a few seconds of your alarm being triggered, you’ll be notified via mobile alert. You then have the option to resolve the alarm by email or smartphone.


Most triggers aren’t emergencies and it’s very helpful to quickly resolve the issue instead of having the authorities called potentially costing you an additional fee.


If there is something going on (or you can’t resolve it) the proper authorities are then notified immediately.


All four plans come with ASAPer. Here’s a rundown of each plan.



There are also two pre-constructed equipment packages. 


They essentially include the exact same gear with one key difference. With the higher priced package you get a touch screen mobile control panel. The lower-cost version comes with the standard keypad controller that goes up on the wall.


Both packages include door sensors, motion sensors, a keychain remote and your choice of controller.


The touch screen panel has something that isn’t found in any other security system. It's unique asset is the built in camera.


It may sound a little unnecessary, but most intruders will find the controller to shut down the alarm.


In the event you do get robbed, there’s a good chance you’ll get a clear look at the suspect with this camera—very unique and pretty cool.


To seriously bump up the home automation department, LiveWatch has integrated their service with Z-Wave home control products. The integration opens up the possibilities to dozen of device types made by several companies using the Z-Wave software.


To continue with the unique features, the flexible terms and conditions with LiveWatch are admirable. 


You can try them out and get your money back anytime within the first year. One of, if not the longest guarantees in home security monitoring. 


If you don’t like them after the first year you can still cancel anytime (no contracts). You won’t get your money back, but you get to keep all of the equipment. Unfortunately, the equipment is only covered with a two year warranty (one of the shortest of all providers).


You’ll also have to install everything yourself. There is no professional installation provided.


Small business plans are available, which isn’t very common in the “home” security sector. The plans are reasonable and the coverage is essentially the same. It’s not a bad budget option if you don’t want to hire a provider that caters solely to businesses.


The service for businesses is a bit more personal including multiple free consultations to figure out your needs.


After the consult, LiveWatch will put together the system you need based on the data you provide.  


LiveWatch has a dedicated support page on their website. They claim to “strive for customer delight, not just satisfaction.”


The Customer Center can aid you in bill pay, order tracking, and refunds.


The LiveWatch Help Center is available for your questions and troubleshooting. You can ask a question, submit a ticket, or do live chat with a support specialist. 


And as with most companies they provide a toll-free number for you to talk to a representative.


LiveWatch provides only wireless monitoring. They have their own UL listed monitoring station (UL is the standard for keeping monitors on the up and up).


Their Plug&Protect IQ, uses dual-path communication (cellular and WiFi) for increased reliability. The cellular monitoring uses all available carrier networks.


LiveWatch’s ASAPer alarm system sends you alerts seconds after an alarm is triggered, straight to your smartphone. If for any reason you can’t be reached, LiveWatch’s central monitoring will alert the police.


They also offer fire monitoring at an extra cost. It is not automatically included in any plan.