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(#3 OUT OF 10)


Quality Ranking
(#5 OUT OF 10)


Overall Score


Excellent transparency at one of the lowest prices


Monitoring services is outsourced to a licensed third party


Protect America is a great value and could be the best choice for anyone who wants to avoid big one time fees and high monthly payments. 


Equipment and installation have NO fees (unless you want gear beyond the basics). 


The monthly rate you sign up for will be the rate you pay for the lifetime of your account. If you live 80 more years, the fee is the same as today. 


In exchange for the low start up cost, you get some relatively basic service. It’s good (award winning actually), but don’t expect much in terms of home automation and high-tech gadgets. 


Perfect for the “It’s all I need” types and anyone on a fixed income or tight budget.


Protect America is refreshingly simple and transparent in the plans, equipment and features available. 


There are more plans here than any other monitoring service, but the details are clear. It shouldn’t be difficult to pick the right level for your needs, but here’s a quick breakdown:



The things you get with your plan may seem a bit weird, because it is.


The weirdness is mainly due to the equipment offered being completely free. If you have a bigger house, you can choose a larger plan to get it all “free”. Or, you could buy it ala carte and pay a one time fee instead of monthly.


All plans are land line based, but can be upgraded to include either cellular or wireless for an additional monthly charge. This is a negative since most security companies provide at least wireless communication for their customers for the base price.


All plans come with a touch screen control panel and the SMART control app (only for wireless and cellular upgrades).


There is some cool gear available for an additional price. 


Things like window break detectors, fire/smoke/carbon monoxide monitors, home automation equipment, and dozens of other pieces of tech can be found pretty easily on their site.


Every piece of equipment sold by Protect America is guaranteed by them for the life of your account. 


If you’re on the fence about needing a home security system in the first place, their website is worth a visit even if you don’t buy their service. 


The resources are very beginner-friendly including a local crime tool to show you how likely you are to be affected based on the national average. 


Other resources are available like “Security 101”. It’s a guide that helps you make your home safe for the first time. The follow up is “Complete Home Security”. This follow-up guide helps you make your home safer than most others.


Home automation is provided and all Z-Wave devices are said to work with your system. Again, it’s all up to you to pick out what you want and how you want your home monitored.


Protect America is part of the few home security monitoring providers that also have medical alert services. It’s kind of a separate deal and you have to go to that page specifically to even find out they offer it. But it's there.


It seems to be a separate monthly service fee and have it’s own equipment (like pendants). This could be worthwhile if you don’t want to have multiple companies with their equipment all over your home.


There is a 36 month contract with all plans. This really isn’t terrible when you factor in the free equipment and installation costs. The company wants to recoup those losses (up to $1400 retail cost) and it will take that long.


You still save money compared to the bigger guys.


Installation is professionally done, and again, free. Most companies that offer “free” installs still get a setup or activation fee of around a hundred bucks. Protect America doesn’t have any initial fees—Just the monthly plan cost.


Protect America offers customer support by phone and chat. Their website seems to push chat as their preferred method to handle any customer inquires. 


Their support page also has a small FAQ section and troubleshooting guide.


Despite this they do have an A+ rating with the BBB with a 95% customer satisfaction score.


One very unique feature Protect America offers is the ability to send feedback to the CEO. You can fill out a small form and leave a message. Their CEO wants all customers to be 100% satisfied and this helps to ensure that.


Protect America is one of the most flexible companies with monitoring options. They offer land-line, broadband, and cellular. 


Protect America works with Criticom Monitoring Services (CMS), which provide 24/7 professional monitoring. They are the ones who will respond to any alarms and alert the appropriate authorities.


Smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide detection isn’t included with any plan. They can be added at an additional cost.