30-Second Review


Value Ranking
(#7 OUT OF 10)


Quality Ranking
(#10 OUT OF 10)


Overall Score


A+ in the BBB means they take care of their customers


Serious lack of transparency on terms and equipment


Protection 1 is one of the largest and longest-standing companies in the home security game. 


This comes with the trust of a big brand, but it’s also a bit outdated. The coverage isn’t anywhere near some of the top names in monitoring today (like FrontPoint). 


Another potential drawback is the lack of transparency in the equipment and other data you’d want to know. The site has been updated recently and can be navigated a bit better, but still leaves visitors with questions.


If you add all that together with high prices, it’s not a great choice for most.


Many of the features you can find for Protection 1 are seemingly shrouded in mystery, but they’ve done a lot to update their site and provide more information.


This is clearly seen in the four plans available. Here’s a brief rundown:



Very recently, Protection 1 put the prices of their plans online—A positive step toward transparency.


That said, there is virtually no information available on the site regarding the equipment and gear packages provided with the plans. 


Even the plan prices themselves may not be what you’ll end up paying. Protection 1 really wants you to call a representative for an accurate quote (and to potentially be upsold). 


It’s an old guard mentality that is losing out to a lower-pressure, higher-value sales structure.


We do know that all plans come with a touch screen keypad, motion detector, sensors, professional installation, a keychain fob controller. The higher plans get access to the app and the video plan gets a Z-Wave thermostat thrown in with the package.


Other than that, you may even have to go to a third-party site to purchase additional items for home automation (anything Z-Wave compliant should work). 


There is just next to nothing about equipment on their site.


Pages that are meant to help different types of people have been created, but they are just sales pages to get you to purchase a security system. 


For instance, there is a page labeled “parents and family”. 


It has nothing to do with the equipment that will help protect little ones, but is all about why you need to have a security system—not cool. 


You won’t be able to install your own equipment either.


The systems have to be installed by a licensed pro and the price of that will be included in your setup and terms. All techs have been through a background check and seem to be “in and out” quickly.


It seems a bit out of place, but there is a pretty extensive “resource” section on their site. It includes guides to help secure your home and even neat infographics to make it easier to read and understand. 


It’s surprising and also useful.


For members of the Armed Services, Protection 1 offers a military discount for members of the USAA. 


Business coverage is also available, but for any details you have to talk to a rep. All of their business plans are completely custom and will be crafted specifically for you.


Pricing is not mentioned.


There isn’t any information on the length of contract, guarantee, or warranty on the equipment either. 


Protection 1 may have a dated website but they cover all the Support bases. There is phone, live chat, and email support options. 


Their website also has links to troubleshooting FAQs, system manuals, and even how-to support videos. You can even learn about smartphone apps and get a complete list of all alarm activity from your home.


Protection 1 has a 97% customer satisfaction rating as well as a A+ rating from the BBB. 


On their website they claim they achieve this rating with same day service and no automated telephone systems.


Protection 1 monitoring center provides 24/7 triple redundancy monitoring for ultimate security. 


If an alarm is triggered the monitoring center will attempt to contact you first to verify if it is a false alarm. If you cannot be reached they will alert the proper authorities. 


Both land-line and cellular monitoring systems are available.


Fire and carbon monoxide detection is available with all packages at an extra cost.