30-Second Review


Value Ranking
(#2 OUT OF 10)


Quality Ranking
(#4 OUT OF 10)


Overall Score


Delightfully plug-and-play


Not as fancy as others out there


SimpliSafe appeals to both the budget conscious and anyone else who wants a quality monitoring system without being locked into a lengthy contract. 


It’s cheap. One of the least expensive plans on the market. But it's not a top-of the-line service.


Both the equipment and service is missing some of the features that help turn your home into a protected fortress (like video cameras and home automation). If you really want the extras, there are better solutions on the market.


They fair a bit better than basic, but the popular newer features aren’t there. 


If you don’t need these extras, you’ll find the coverage they offer a fantastic value when compared to the monthly price.


The name says it, they mean to simply keep you and your family safe. They excel at that goal.


SimpliSafe is one of our favorite home security systems, but there are certain trade offs you have to make. 


For example, you will have to purchase your equipment up front and it can be pricey for the best gear. It’s the trade off from not having a contract. 


Other companies give you breaks or even free equipment, but they have contracts that span anywhere from a year to 60 months (five years). Over time they recoup costs.


SimpliSafe doesn’t lock you into a contract which means they can't eat the equipment costs.


In addition to not making you sign a lengthy agreement, you’ll also have some of the cheapest plans in the industry. The savings should help you offset that equipment cost. On average their plans are around $10/mo cheaper from the leading competitors.


That’s several hundred dollars over the course of the average contract time of 36 months.


There are only two plans and are laid out plainly on the site, but here are the bare essential differences between them:



One of the neatest notifications is the ability for users to “get secretly notified when anyone accesses private rooms, drawers, safes and more.”


This handy warning can be used to keep private things more secure like a safe or presents for family.


Equipment really isn’t all that expensive.


There are six packages that are really well put together, and ala carte gear is available, too. 


Equipment in these packs range from the starter kit with only five pieces for just over a couple hundred bucks all the way to the “Absolute” package with 17 pieces including a camera and loads of sensors and environmental monitors (i.e. fire detector).


Other equipment options include the guided “build your own” section to help you through ordering a custom setup. Refurbished systems are also available to save a bit of cash. There aren't any other home security companies that offer used gear.


All equipment purchased has a three year warranty.


One of the very unique things about SimpliSafe is the ability to bring your old equipment and use it for their monitoring service.


This is the only company that does it and pairing this with no contracts and low monthly fees can be very appealing—especially if you’re switching companies.


A customer forum is setup on the website to allow other SimpliSafe users to come together and lend a helping hand. This is yet another unique feature and has proven to help them with their customer service.


It’s active with over 50,000 posts and replies. The most popular section is not surprisingly help doing installs.


Installation is do-it-yourself, but that should be expected given the flexible nature of the company and the low fees. 


No fees; set up or activation. There is a 60-day money back guarantee for your equipment and service. 


If you have equipment already or purchase refurbished; SimpliSafe could be the lowest cost option for home security setup in the game.


SimpliSafe offers customers support through phone and email. Their support page is very simple. You can fill out a web form with your name, email, and problem.


The customer support line is available 9:00am – 6:00pm EST, 7 days a week. There doesn’t seem to be another option for after hours support.


Their FAQ section is a little cumbersome, but it is searchable.


SimpliSafe has dedicated cellular communication and their monitoring station which provides 24/7 live coverage is located in Amcest, New Jersey. 


SimpliSafe uses the T-Mobile network which may be a coverage issue in some areas.


The Interactive monitoring plan is available at a higher monthly cost, but it provides you with access to your system from a smart device.


Fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide detection is available on SimpliSafe’s higher priced packages. If you choose to buy a smaller package they can be added on for an additional equipment cost.