30-Second Review


Value Ranking
(#8 OUT OF 10)


Quality Ranking
(#2 OUT OF 10)


Overall Score


Fanciest tech and the best home automation


Very expensive and not known for friendly support


Vivint is a flashy home security monitor with the latest tech and a high-cost relative to most other providers.


These guys have decked out alarms with doorbell cameras and smart locks.


Some people want to be on the cutting edge with all things tech, including home automation. Vivint is very up-to-date and tech heavy. For example, Amazon Echo integration is already available.


Really impressive considering it was very recently released.


Service is also above average, with every plan you are notified in every way imaginable (phone, text, email) if your service is down or triggered for any reason. 


The tough decision comes from the price, it’s very high. Installation and setup fees are high, too. 


You can find almost all of the features offered by Vivint at a more reasonable price, but the tech is a different story.


Vivint is packed with tech and features for the homeowner who wants ultimate control over their property.


Every plan has something that most others don’t. From the most basic plan to the highest cost, they all include a touch screen control panel and the same “starter” equipment. 


The “Smart Control” plan includes two smart devices to automate your home. 


“Complete Control” (most expensive plan) allows for users to choose three automation functions and a 1TB cloud storage unit—definitely a unique offer. 


The storage unit (called “Space Monkey”) is a physical device that acts kind of like a network for your files. Through the app, you can access pictures and other media from anywhere in the world. Another one of the finer tech points that Vivint is known for providing.


Offers are usually available for “free installation”, but it’s not really free. You have to sign up for a 60 month (5 year) contract in most states at the highest price level. There is also a setup fee of a couple hundred bucks.


Still, it could be worth it if you are going all out on home automation and plan to stick with them for a while.


One of the coolest new additions for techies is the integration with Amazon Echo. It’s a natural collaboration for the two companies and helps Vivint users add one more way to control their home.


If you have Echo, you can either use the SkyControlPanel, the fully-functional app, or just tell Echo what you want your Vivint tech to do (lock doors, turn down lights, and other cool stuff).


There are also integrations with the top-shelf Nest and Element thermostats. 


Burglary devices and other sensors from Vivint aren’t any more spectacular than other monitoring companies and the outdoor cameras are comparable as well. 


The doorbell camera is something special. USA Today called it, “Caller ID for your front door”. Sounds pretty cool.


It’s a 180 degree camera that can detect people that show up on your doorstep (not cars driving by). You can have a conversation with anyone who rings the doorbell no matter where you are (with an Internet connection).


Visitors won’t know you’re not home.


If you don’t want to talk with anyone, you can just have Vivint email or text you when someone took a stroll up to your porch. You can watch the video whenever you’d like to see if you knew them.


Other companies are trying to catch up. ADT recently released the “Ring” doorbell camera, but Vivint’s is better in our opinion.


The “Ping” indoor camera is another unique camera to Vivint. 


It’s a highly mobile counter top camera that is great for “checking in” to your home whenever you’re away. Babysitters, house guests, and vacations are a few of the common uses. The idea of being able to see key areas of your home is pretty cool.


One can be moved, or a couple could be used to keep them in common hot spots of your home. 


All equipment has a lifetime guarantee. If you have the service, they cover the gear. This is a pretty big deal. Most security companies only go for a few years coverage at most.


If anything happens (burglary or service interruption), you can be notified multiple ways. Your control panel and app will have a notification. You can also receive an email or even a text. 


Everything does have to be professionally installed, which can be costly. That said, the equipment doesn’t require drilling or marks to be put on your wall. It’s also relatively easy to relocate everything if you move.


Vivint has a searchable knowledge base on their website. They seem to push customers to look for an answer here or in their FAQ section. 


They also have chat and a toll free number for you to call. However, the website lists their support hours as only 6am-8pm Mon-Fri. 


They don’t mention any after hours or weekend support. 


All of Vivint’s plans are 100% wireless and come with cellular monitoring. Cellular networks are safer than wired in the event of a power outage. 


Vivint offers 24/7 complete home monitoring. Monitoring personnel will respond to an emergency alarm even if you are not there.


Two-way communication is available on the control panel enabling you to speak directly with a representative at the central monitoring station.


All packages come standard with a smoke detector. Carbon Monoxide detector is available at an extra cost.