FatCow 2017 review

Hosting simplified almost to a fault, but still a good first host for most

30-Second Review


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(#13 OUT OF 17)


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(#12 OUT OF 17)


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Decent beginner host with ok pricing


Very average at everything


FatCow may not be the biggest provider on the block, but they have carved out a name for themselves.

FatCow is well-established. Their focus is simplicity. They want to make web hosting and website creation easy to understand.

Definitely geared more toward beginners.

In the beginning, FatCow only offered shared hosting with few custom options. Now they have branched out a little bit more, offering a few VPS and dedicated options without losing focus of their core audience.

Not comprehensive, but they're available.

They offer everything you need to get started: website builder, marketing tools, email, and even a free (for one year) domain .

Their website is clean and fun. The FatCow theme runs throughout and makes you feel comfortable purchasing your hosting through them.


The hosting plan that started it all is The "FatCow Original Plan". This plan is beefed up with "everything you'll need to build a successful online presence before the cows come home.” (Their words not ours).

To make it simple for beginners to get going fast they include everything but the kitchen sink with their hosting plans. 

All plans get a free domain, unlimited mailboxes, free website builder, shopping cart, free cloud storage, and marketing advertising credits. 

Recently FatCow expanded their hosting options to include VPS and Dedicated. These plans are straightforward and don’t include any special features that you might receive with other providers.

WordPress users don’t need to feel left out, FatCow now offers two different WP plans.

Curated themes, pre-installed plug-ins, and a custom control panel come standard. Users will have to pay extra for the WP Essential Plan if they want increased site speed and enhanced security.

It seems with FatCow you get what you pay for, but FatCow pays you well to be an affiliate.

If you choose to partner with FatCow you can receive up to $150 for each sign up.

The amount of money you receive depends on the plan a new customer chooses with the most money coming from a dedicated hosting plan sign up.

Your friends and family can also help you earn some cash, too. By simply referring someone to FatCow you can earn $35 in credit and there is no limit on how much you earn.

If you truly believe in FatCow as a company then you can become Reseller. By joining their WholesalePlus program you can sell FatCow Hosting and generous discounts for your own hosting.

Once you sign up you can immediately earning a large recurring revenue stream.

FatCow has gone through a lot of changes in the last few years, unfortunately one good thing they lost is their green initiative.

Old school users of FatCow may remember them bragging about being 100% supplied by wind energy. This claim is no longer on their website leaving green users disappointed.


FatCow loves beginners and they show it by offering several good methods of support and a simple structure. 

They have 24/7 phone, chat, twitter and email support. 

This is a part of their Heifercratic Oath: 

we promise to provide you with around-the-clock phone and online support, a satisfactory resolution to any issue that may arise, and - most importantly - a consistently positive, can-moo attitude.

All these options would be impressive by themselves but FatCow goes even further. Most calls into support are answered in about a minute. 

An extensive help center is available to answer basic questions as well as several tutorial to walk you step by step through just about any process. 

FatCow strives to be so helpful that if you click on “Create a Site”, there is a link to the side that literally says "Beginner". Click on that tab and they’ll even break down what web hosting is and why you need it. 


FatCow has two data centers (both located on the east coast). Usually if a hosting company only has one or two data centers they try to make them centrally located or have one on each coast to increase speed.

In this case both are in Boston, MA.

Total FatCow controls 2400 square feet of space, thousands of servers and multiple Petabytes of storage.

Both centers Run on N+1 power (both A/C and D/C). The multiple power methods help it keep running in just about any scenario. Their network has a pooled servers, redundant routers, and network-attached storage so your data stays safe in the event of primary lose.


FatCow does not have an Uptime guarantee listed nor do they have past downtime tracked on their website. For many serious site owners this could be a deal breaker. 

You don’t want to deal with a host who’s uptime may be good today and gone tomorrow.

If you search the internet it seems most users are reporting an uptime average of 99.85% – 99.9%. If you just have a small blog or hobby site this might be fine for you. 

This seems to be what FatCow is banking on because their core business is beginner sites that don’t rely on uptime for income.