GreenGeeks 2017 review

Decent budget host also minimizes their carbon footprint

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(#15 OUT OF 17)


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(#13 OUT OF 17)


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Environmentalists rejoice, GreenGeeks is the most eco-friendly host in the world


Some features cost additional fees


Hosting requires a lot of electronics that release tons of carbon into the atmosphere. If you care about your footprint, then this will be an item on your list of concerns when choosing a host for your site.


GreenGeeks was built by environmentalists who just happen to be experts in the online world. It’s kind of a mash-up option for millennials and beginners. 


They don’t actually run their servers off of solar and wind, but they do purchase renewable energy certificates (RECs) to offset more than their fare share of carbon.


In essence, you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint by hosting your files with GreenGeeks and many webmasters choose them for this reason alone.


They're also a great budget option. So, you’re not sacrificing service and dollars for the sake of the planet.


The environmental friendliness of this company is unmatched in the hosting industry. Some hosts cancel their carbon emissions with RECs, others do a bit more (like 150%), but GreenGeeks buys enough credits to offset 300% of their carbon emissions. 


If you care about the issue, it's good to know this host puts their money where their mouth is.


For the shared hosting plans, you’re going to get all of the things you’d expect. Secure email, cPanel access (how you get into your site’s backend), 1-click installs for CMS and other add-ons, and a free domain name.


Some things you may not get everywhere are included like nightly backups and free Google apps integration. 


WordPress specific hosting is available for the same price as the share plans. Not common and it’s a value. Even though it’s the same cost there are additional features. 


Automatic updates, built in caching (for site speed), and optimized coding help your WP site run smoother than it would on just the shared plans.


A site builder is available, but it’s an additional monthly fee. If you have NO experience putting a site together and don’t want to seek outside help, it’s ok. Keep in mind that you’ll have to pay that monthly fee the entire time your site uses it.


The builder is pretty straightforward and most of the design work has been done already. There are 100’s of templates that are separated into categories.


Example: if you’re a personal trainer, there’s a template that is set up specifically for your industry.


It’s drag and drop, so you can make it look original. Designs are also mobile-friendly to look as good on smart phones and tablets as they do desktops.


If you like the idea of selling GreenGeeks as an affiliate, the program has some great potential. It only takes six sales to get the top payout per sign-up of $100. Most tiered affiliate programs require at least a 15-20 sales to get to the top level.


There are no cloud hosting options available. Not that important unless you want to develop your own site (or a web app), but something to know about.


Dedicated and VPS servers plans are comparably priced and GreenGeeks has server locations in four locations spread out evenly across the world to help you with speed and development. 


The customer service at GreenGeeks is pretty good, but could be more extensive.


Three forms of communication are available (email, chat, and phone), but only the chat support is available 24X7X365. The phones have services hours that are on West Coast time. On the positive side, email boasts a 15-20 minute response time which is really fast.


All in all, the availability is just shy of awesome.


The level of care and expertise is good for hosting problems, but not so much for tech problems outside of getting/keeping your files online. 


A knowledge base that GreenGeeks has set up is available to all and it’s really extensive and easy to use. There are 100’s of articles and 100’s more videos that have how-to’s, tips, and answers to frequently asked questions. It’s all laid out well.


Site speed here is better than most other hosts at the same price point. 


The speed mostly comes from the solid-state-drives (SSDs) the use to put your files on. Other low-cost hosts are still rocking the older servers. Imagine trying to run a new program on the laptop you have in 2003, wouldn’t be good.


Since they’ve got the better hardware, they make your site faster than others in the less than $5/mo shared hosting.


Past that, they don’t seem to offer any of the other features that speed sites up. Their VPS and dedicated options have the same story.


WordPress users are a bit different. They’ve really put together a fast setup for WP fans. On paper your blog would be faster than sites hosted with the other plans, but it costs the exact same price.


If you just went off of the GreenGeeks site, there isn’t much to say about uptime. It seems like an afterthought on their guarantees page. There is a 99.9% uptime guarantee with no specifics laid out.


After some independent research, the uptime is actually really good. Just wish they would put it on the site and let the world know about it.