iPage 2017 review

Extremely inexpensive host catering to business owners

30-Second Review


Value Ranking
(#9 OUT OF 17)


Quality Ranking
(#14 OUT OF 17)


Overall Score


Least expensive shared hosting online, easy setup, and small business perks


Outdated equipment makes it difficult to make a fast site. Poor Uptime


iPage has been in the hosting game since the early days of the internet. They aren’t as well-known nowadays, but still keep a significant portion of the web online. 


Since they are so experienced and large, the ups and downs are a bit different than other hosts. On one side, you have the features that come standard for what’s one of the lowest prices for shared hosting online. On the flip side, you have outdated equipment and impersonal help.


There is some value there beyond the price tag, but there is also a lot of things that are done better by newer companies on the market. 


There are a lot of little features that come with every plan at iPage. Things that you don’t really see too much anymore. 


Most of them are “business critical”, but they still could have cause for a closer look. There really are several items like:

Hosting plans are a bit deceptive. They are cheap, but only the shared and WordPress plans are overtly offered. It really takes some digging to find out if they even have VPS and dedicated server plans.


They do, but they aren't great.


The plans are comparable to other hosts, not cheaper, and the equipment is seemingly outdated. 


iPage caters almost entirely to small business owners. Specifically to help current businesses get an online presence to grow their company—a noble endeavor.


To help this goal, the ecommerce options are really strong. 


Multiple software products and payment options are supported. There are a lot of fully-managed ecommerce platforms on the market, but a large portion of established small business owners want a bit more control of their online marketplace.


Here are the shopping carts supported:

There is also an easy PayPal integration available, too.


The ecommerce platform is one example of what is a really vast third party application system. iPage offers easy installations for more apps than a lot of other hosts (like Wordpress, Joomla, Google Apps). 


Part of this large database of extras is because of their size, meaning app developers want iPage to integrate with them. Part of it is also due to their age, meaning that some of the apps just aren’t used by a lot of people anymore.


The low price is worth being listed as a feature. As far as we can see, this is the cheapest reputable host on the market. If you are heavily (or even strictly) price-driven, there is a good chance that hosts cheaper than iPage are shady.


Keep in mind that the lowest price is based on three years up front and they don’t offer a month-to-month plan like many (newer) companies.


You may want to consider the old adage “you get what you pay for”. For the money you sacrifice speed and (potentially) reliability—so consider carefully.


The sitebuilder is available to all plans completely free of charge. It’s even powered by Weebly who have perfected the art of turning beginners into web designers. Maybe that’s a stretch, but it’s easy to create a good-looking site that is mobile-friendly.


While they aren’t known for going to extra mile, the support is adequate. 


Phone and chat support are available 24/7. The reps will respond and answer quickly and will answer your question or point you to the resource you’ll need. 


If you’re looking for the super-friendly, over-the-top care that some hosts provide, it’s not what you’ll experience here. They aren’t rude and are helpful, but some hosts really try to make you feel welcome.


Since they are seasoned pros, you’d expect that the knowledge center is packed with useful intel—it definitely is. It’s a wealth of hosting how-to's that is only available once you are a paying customer.


Top site speed isn’t something that you can get at iPage. 


There isn’t any promise of speed. No features available to make your site faster. Not even a page that tells you about the hardware your files will be on. It all spells a slow site. Small local businesses may not care, but your local consumers will notice.


Stats and studies show that if your site takes a while to load, a third of people leave within a few seconds.


It’s something to think about before getting out your credit card.


Uptime is another big issue for business owners. If they can’t see what you’re selling, they can’t buy it. 


iPage doesn’t have great uptime. Your site isn’t down for hours everyday, but in terms of the time down they don’t fair as well as other hosts (SiteGround is really good about uptime). There is no guarantee made by iPage (another problem).  


If you’re site is down there is no reimbursement—you’re just out of luck.