JustHost 2017 review

Simple option for beginners with great customer support

30-Second Review


Value Ranking
(#11 OUT OF 17)


Quality Ranking
(#11 OUT OF 17)


Overall Score


Straightforward pricing and above average customer support for a budget host


None of the features are top-shelf and options are limited


JustHost is ok. They have their problems (like uptime) and successes (really low-cost, friendly support). 


If you’re looking for a cheap host and don’t like the tactics of some of the other options, this is a great option. The terms are straightforward and they don’t use gimmicks or shady tactics to get new users (like GoDaddy).


They’re just hosting. Basic plans, nothing revolutionary on a value-based pricing model. This structure is appealing to anyone looking for these traits. 


It’s also a great place for bootstrapped solopreneurs and small business owners who need a site quick.


The plans are what you’d expect from a budget host. There are no dedicated servers available. Virtual private server (VPS) plans are there, but the focus is definitely on the shared options. 


There is a difference in the resources that are available in those shared plans. Most of the things you get with your hosting are labeled clearly. That’s a good thing.


Instead of being told that you have "unlimited X" and "all you want of Y" for a couple of bucks a month, JustHost tells you the truth. Those companies that say things are “unlimited” really don’t mean it on the shared plans.


If you start to garner traffic or get featured in Reddit, you’ll be shocked when your site goes down.


We appreciate that JustHost labels most (not all) of their resources.


For instance, on the basic plan you can only have one website. That said, they allow you to have up to five “parked” domains. Meaning they don’t have files and aren’t websites, but they can be parked (and maybe even monetized).


The higher priced plans offer more resources and a few marketing extras (like ad credits), but all you need is included in every plan. 


Seeing as you are looking to find a budget host, it’s possible that you also want to build the site yourself. 


The limited number of hosting options is rough.


There is no easy way to grow your site to the top levels. Once you move to VPS, there are no cloud plans to increase speed or dedicated options for maximum resources.


One of the key features of JustHost is their sitebuilder. It doesn’t have a cool trademarked name or even it’s own page on their site. Kinda like everything else the do, it’s just there.


That doesn’t mean it’s not supported or worthwhile. 


It’s a decent DIY option and is really kept up by the folks in the company. For instance, they recently added 240 new templates. The design standards of the web are constantly changing and it’s helpful to know that your host is keeping up.


JustHost provides cPanel to run the back end of your hosting. It’s the gold standard of panels. If you’re new to this world, you can try it out first. A guided demo of cPanel is available on the JustHost site. 


It may not be easy, but this is a hugely helpful feature.


One of the least talked about things in hosting are the “regular” rates. The price you’ll be paying after the introductory time period ends.


JustHost’s regular rates are less expensive than other cheap hosts. Some hosts offer dirt cheap intro rates and jack it up after a year or so. Not only are they still decent here, they are clearly listed when you sign up for the lower introductory rate. 


Very few hosts post their “actual” rates from the front page. Transparency at it’s finest. 


While the products and features are just ok at JustHost, the support is really good. 


The typical methods are all there—phone, email, chat. All available 24/7. Calls take a short amount of time before you’re talking to a real person that is knowledgeable enough to take care of most of your questions and concerns.


The live chat reps are incredibly responsive and communicate well over the messaging application. This is sometimes hard for hosts. 


Kind of like texting when a phone call would be better, hosting issues can be complex.


However, JustHost bridges that gap nicely.


If you’ve rather figure things out yourself (this is kind of the DIY brand of hosting), there is an extensive knowledge base. Forum posts and articles can be searched to help you find what you need quickly.


The video tutorials need some work. There aren’t many and the page isn’t well laid out. 


Speed is not a priority at JustHost. 


If you are looking to provide a blazing fast experience on your website, you will have to look elsewhere. Other cheap hosts do a little better job in this category. 


However, if you want something fast, you’ll have to upgrade to a mid-level budget option (take a look at SiteGround). JustHost doesn’t seem to share data about their equipment and the options available mention nothing about improving site performance.


Bottom Line: JustHost offers no features for speed.


JustHost doesn’t have the best reputation for uptime. 


There is no mention of an uptime guarantee and they even have a page labeled “guarantees”. I guess that’s our answer. 


Their apathy towards keeping files online doesn’t match up with their friendliness toward small business owners. If you have a local website for your customers, it has to be online. You’d think they’d do something to ensure this for their users.


But it’s not there.