Liquid Web 2017 review

 Ideal choice for small business owners who want elite support

30-Second Review


Value Ranking
(#12 OUT OF 17)


Quality Ranking
(#3 OUT OF 17)


Overall Score


Hands down the best support and customer care in the hosting industry


The price is steep even for premium hosting service


Liquidweb rocks some serious power, but doesn’t mess with shared hosting.


They stay in their lane.


We like that.


Their products start with VPS and work up to dedicated solutions. It’s a pricier host than most, but packs a punch when measured pound for pound with comparable services.


Way back in ’97 (get this) a 16 year-old started Liquidweb. The founder’s age didn’t stop the company from a meteoric ride.




Simple. They pioneered good customer service from the start. Little did they know that many other hosts would offer a sub par product and down right garbage-level support. The company has been since shadowed by some of the biggest names in the game.


This hosting platform is meant for site owners who need a powerful solution to fit their files and traffic load while getting superb customer care.


Between the service and the powerful plans, Liquidweb makes a perfect host for small, medium and even enterprise businesses looking to build their digital storefront on solid ground.


Liquidweb doesn’t cater to the shared market and seeks serious clientele that appreciate a truly premium host.


That approach has landed them some impressive clients from super fast vehicle manufacturers (Ducati and Porsche) to everyday essential brands (Suave and Solo). Heck, even Aunt Jemima trusts them to take care of their syrup’s image.


First off, there are some incredible firewall options available (for increased site security).


This service does cost an extra charge, but if you hold sensitive customer data it’s a peace-of-mind dream come true.


The system screens and runs every bit of traffic through the firewall before they even reach the server that your files are on. The level of protection is up to you and the add-on fees can get expensive.


If you don’t have sensitive data online, it’s not 100% necessary. However, if you do have things that hackers may want; it could be the biggest selling point of Liquidweb. 


One of the strongest assets is their appeal to small and medium businesses. If you have a small blog or a local business site that isn’t used that often, there are budget hosts that will suit you better.


That said, if you have a small to large business that is heavily focused in the online landscape and want better resources than that of a typical shared plan from somewhere like GoDaddy; this could be your home.


Some of the business-friendly features include a full suite of ecommerce options, uptime redundancies (to keep your site up), content delivery network (CDN), and storage area networks (SAN) to improve the overall performance and speed of your site.


All Minecraft junkies (and other online games) will really like the game server hosting options. Building your own world, or just playing some first-person shooters can all be stored on a managed server.


The servers are up-to-date with the current gaming client and will stay that way. Liquidweb has a commitment to help gamers keep their files safe.


Plus, you still get access to that support which could come in handy if you have a problem with your saves.


On some levels, it’s in line with other hosts.


Although, most of the plans seem a bit high. The two that stand out the most are the VPS and WordPress packages. If that’s what you’re looking for, there are less expensive hosts (even in the premium space).


It is important to note that you do get a lot of speed boosting, business-specific benefits that you won’t necessarily find for the overall price offered here.


Another, somewhat obvious, problem is the lack of shared options. Shared hosting is simple and often times very cost effective. If you are a bootstrapped entrepreneur, you may need to go somewhere else.


Shared plans aren’t on the menu here and that probably has something to do with the level of support and premium sense they want to portray.


We’d be remiss if we didn't mention the heroic support.


While that’s what they’ve named it, heroic is a very fitting adjective. The support built the company’s initial success and continues to resonate now.


Right from the support page you get an updated snapshot of their performance and guarantees. For instance, they guarantee a 59 second response by phone, 30 minutes from the helpdesk, and less than a minute from the chat. 


Transparency is the key component here and Liquidweb updates their performance according to the guarantees. If they miss the mark, it will be on their site for the world to see.


It’s quite possibly the best support of all premium hosts, which is why they're one of the highest in the premium class.


With this being a premium host, you'd expect speed options galore. You wouldn't be wrong.


There are five different cloud hosting options to keep your files lightning fast as well as a CDN to distribute files across their network of physical server locations. 


You'll also benefit from the constant improvement of equipment and services to provide a better experience for their users. From making it easier to boost mobile speeds to improving the way they handle common threats (like DDoS and malware attacks).


The uptime guarantee is probably the best there is in the hosting game. 


If your files are down for any amount of time at all, you get 10X the time in credit. Let's say, you're down for 30 minutes. You get a 5 hour credit on your bill. It's a 100% uptime guarantee and they keep track.