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Premium hosting that allows you great control of your sites


Elusive pricing and no uptime guarantee


Servint is classic.


I currently have 2 accounts with these guys, and their support is top-tier. It really is - everyone drops serious knowledge.


My only beef with them was they started to get lazy with what they'll do for "free". I used to just say, "hey, please add this domain and install Wordpress on this server". Stuff like that. As of late 2015, they stopped doing these things for free.


Install Wordpress? lol.


And their server doesn't provide any one-step Wordpress installations. So, if you're not tech-savvy, don't bother with Servint. Simple as that. The setup will be a pain, and you'll either end up frustrated with setting up things yourself - or disappointed that you have to fork out additional tasks for things that are free or painfully easy with most hosts.


Servint isn’t just about hosting. They offer some unique products and services made to get your attention. 


First up is their Jelastic PaaS. Cool name even cooler platform. Tailored specifically for developers this cloud solution is all about scale and pay-per-use pricing. If you’re looking for a PaaS that’s uber customizable, Jelastic is for you.


If you’re not a developer and are scared by half the words in the last sentence, don’t worry Servint also offers VPS and Managed servers.


The VPS plans are numerous and are broken down clearly so you only pay for what you need. This also allow for quick and easy scaling when your business grows. This is where Servint is unique compared to other hosting providers. 


So, don’t be overwhelmed by the options, it’ll help your business and your wallet.


Managed Migration is free when you open a new account and the support staff with help you get everything switched. For those of you out there that want hand held support you can even purchase concierge service to help you on-demand 24/7. This service is not cheap, but it may be worth it if you’re not tech savvy.


Next up is CloudFlare. Basically it is a security option that protects and optimizes. It takes care of a lot of bad stuff that can cause you problems like comment spam, email harvesters, cross-site scripting, SQL injection, abusive bots and crawlers, and DDoS attacks. CloudFlare helps you manage your security and performance right from your customer portal. Easy Peezy.


Servint has partnered with SiteLock to bring you extra security options. There are three options you can purchase, but these add-ons are not cheap.


The plans range from $79.99/year to $499.00 annually. 


Again, this might be an option if you’re a corporate or enterprise customer, however many of these security options can be found for free or for less with other hosts.


Finally, there is Servintdomains. This is pretty clear cut. Need a domain, you can buy one here. This is not Servint’s main focus, so it’s not pushed on their website. It is simple to use and straightforward. This might be a good option if you want to avoid the aggressive selling at other sites such as GoDaddy.


Servint has positioned itself as a one stop shop for hosting needs. What makes Servint truly different is that they do it well. Many hosts try to be all things to all people and end up providing crappy service with non-existent support.


Servint offers chat, phone, and email support. Links to each method of support is upfront on their website so you can be sure to get help 24/7/365.


They brag on their website that they have more long term employees than other tech companies. Their support staff is very knowledgeable and online reviews are good for speed and resolution times.


Servint claims to provide measurably higher access and transfer speeds for their customers. Users are offered state of the art data centers with a 10 gigabit core network to handle traffic rates as high as 720 gigabits per second.


Because Servint is nowhere near utilizing all that power, that means your site can keep it’s lightning fast speed even with bursts of heavy traffic.


If you purchase CloudFlare they claim their CDN provides 2x faster website load times with 65% fewer requests and saves 60% of bandwidth on average.


There is no uptime guarantee listed that we could find on their website. However, with Servint Cloud VPS they allow you to track your sites performance through system resource graphing (including Uptime). 


This is a super valuable tool that allows you to see and track speed, data usage, etc. They claim it’s very simple to use and you can make sure you are receiving 100% of your critical server resources.


Simple or not, it’s worth a look. They promise that, “If that number falls below your guarantee for even five minutes, you qualify for a refund of that entire month of service.” But again this only seems to be offered with Cloud VPS.


If you’re looking for an uptime guarantee on basic VPS packages you may have to check another hosting provider.