30-Second Review


Value Ranking
(#17 OUT OF 17)


Quality Ranking
(#5 OUT OF 17)


Overall Score


Super focused on providing the best experience for WordPress fans


A bit stingy with the resources available on their plans


If you’re a WordPress fan, then it would make sense to use a company that specializes in Wordpress. And that's mostly true, if you're ok with doing it "their way".


No Wordpress plugins allowed.


Back in 2010, WordPress was really hitting its stride in popularity amongst new site owners. WP Engine decided that the world needed a hosting platform that solely catered to the specific needs of these user.


Ever since, they’ve been making their customer’s websites work at an optimum level with their CMS expertise and superstar-level tech.


Obviously, if you don’t use WordPress or don’t want a premium hosting solution you’ll want to take a pass. 


It’s definitely a preferred choice of serious WordPress users. 


WP Engine’s platform was built for high-traffic scenarios. It’s proprietary front-end is immediately scalable and virtually guarantees your site will remain available for any number of page views.


There is even a testimonial touting the host helped ABC handle 71 million page views in a single day, not too shabby.


Securing the internet is a tough job.


Hackers, malware, and buggy updates are a huge pain. Keeping up with it all is even worse. 


Plugins, updates, themes everything can cause your site to go belly up. With WP Engine, you can get your site restored day or night with the backups that are taken regularly.


Your site will be protected and carefully watched over by the pros so you can sleep a little better at night.


Updates are managed by their crew, not you (unless you want to handle it). An up-to-date site using WordPress is secure enough, but you’ll also be privy to the security threat detection that, according to WP Engine “blocks millions of attacks each day.”


While that’s a terrifying thought, it’s also good to know they have your back.


Their confident about their iron internet curtain due to the constant surveillance and well-built server configurations. This tech stack also adds to the speed portion of their offerings and really sets them apart in the world of WordPress.


It’s obvious that WP Engine is good for the popular CMS, but it does have some issues. Like, the pricing isn’t great for the resources you get. 


The plans (up until you get to the premium level) are glorified shared servers. While everything is built for speed, if you have a good chunk of traffic you’re going to pay a large amount more than most other hosts.


In addition to the bandwidth stinginess, there are limited storage options for lower plans and you’ll have to get your domain from somewhere else (they don’t sell them). Get email addresses while you’re at it, because those aren’t included as of this review either.


So, when they say WordPress only, they mean that they’ve stripped even common features to focus on the platform. Definitely something to consider.


There are a surprisingly few number of websites allowed per plan.


With all of their plans, you’re allowed anywhere from one to 150 sites. 150 is at the enterprise level, too. If your business has a few sites with decent traffic, or you build sites for clients (aka a small agency); WP Engine isn’t a great option for you.


For a better example, the “Business” plan gets you up to 25 installs and only up to 400K visitors per month. That’s around 500 visits per day per the 25 sites. If you are a web designer with that many business clients, they’ll probably run out of bandwidth.  


The cool thing about this company only catering to WordPress users is the solid expert support that is WP specific.


There are over 100 full-time WordPress experts that are accessible 24 hours a day 365 days a year. This service is so cool because they don’t just help with your hosting problems, but also the issues you’re having with your CMS.


If you’ve used WP for more than a few months, you can see that benefit to this expertise.   


WP Engine provides everything a site needs for a flawless performance. WordPress isn't the fastest way to put files online anymore, but with all the tools you get for having a plan here, yours will be faster than the rest.


The speed tools add up for a fast experience for your users. Some of these extras include a custom caching program (called “Evercache") and a content delivery network (CDN). The CDN is to spread your files across the globe making them arrive to your user's device faster.


The CDN isn’t available on the personal plan, but all other levels gain access. 


WPEngine actually provides a 99.95% uptime guarantee as part of their "Service Level Agreement" (SLA). All of the detials are laid out very clearly—which is not common amongst hosting platforms.


For every hour your server is down in a calendar month, you can collect a credit of 5% of your monthly payment.


A "Status Page" has all of the details on server uptime in real-time.